No Setup Fees • No Management Fees • No Long-Term Commitment • Only Pay For Leads!

Updated: 12th May, 2022

Dear legal guru,

We know how it feels.

Growing a law firm is hard.

Clients are always on your case.

They expect the world from you (and everyone else).

Emails, texts, phone calls – it feels like you work for them in your sleep

There is a finish line though (and it’s a thing of beauty).

Every file note edges you closer to that moment.

At last, those elusive fees will soon be paid.

One day, it happens.


“You have received an amount of $$ from Joe Injury”

Ahhh, it feels good, doesn’t it?

Hah! Not so fast!

The money escapes you.

Rent is due.

Wages get paid.

Tax time is here.

Expenses, expenses, expenses…

So, what now?

Well, after all that hard work, you have to go and find another new client.

It’s tiring.

It’s stressful.

It’s uncertain.

The problem goes away, for a little while… then it gets worse.

You see other law firms trying all sorts of things.

“We only need referrals.”

They do convert really well.

But how many can you get?

Maybe 1-2, every now and then.

That’s nothing!

“Hmmm… what about tv and radio advertising?”

Tv and radio?

It’s a dying form of media.

We want your business to live, not die!

Everyone is online.

In fact, the entire world is basically addicted to the internet.

“The internet? Well, what about digital marketing?”

Ah, you mean “traditional” digital marketing.

With traditional digital marketing, you’ll pay for everything… except results.

Setup fees.

Monthly fees.

Production fees.

Creative costs.

The list goes on and on.

Even after paying all of those fees, you’re still not paying for results.

What sort of offer is that?!

Here’s the truth.

Most personal injury law firms want to grow.

So, why don’t they?

They’re happy to do ordinary things.

It’s a trap.

The biggest personal injury law firms don’t rely on referrals.

They don’t rely on tv & radio advertising.

The don’t only rely on “traditional” digital marketing either.

That’s average.

The biggest personal injury law firms hate average.

They’re obsessed with getting as many clients as possible…

All the time!

There’s good news though.

You don’t have to look on as they poach your dream prospects.

You don’t have to sit there thinking, “How on earth are we going to dominate the competition?!”

You don’t have to worry about how to quickly and reliably attract a flood of potential clients.

It’s time, to present to you…

*drum roll*

The ultimate client-acquisition system for personal injury law firms…


Pay Per Lead is the ultimate growth-hack for personal injury lawyers.

As the name suggests, you only pay for potential clients.

Nothing else.

Simple, but brilliant.

Why should you buy our leads?

Validated Leads

Contact details of leads are confirmed before we send them to you.

Exclusive Leads

Leads are only ever sold to you and never resold to anyone else.

Fresh Leads

Leads are sent in real-time, straight into your CRM.

Highly-Targeted Leads

We discuss your needs with you so we can source the leads you want.

No Long Term Committment

You can leave any time you want (week to week orders)

No Setup Or Creative Fees

All of the benefits of marketing (without any of the negatives)

How does it work?

Step 1: Marketing

After listening to your needs and gathering information, we set up a highly-targeted, online campaign.

Step 2. Qualifying

Each lead is met with qualifying questions to determine if they meet your strict criteria.

Step 3. Converting

Leads are sent to you, in real-time, so they’re ready to discuss their matter with you.